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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,    ETC.                  85

cried a great deal.    "Ah, ma'am/9 said he to her?
"I hear your little one crying for Its ass's milk."

Dean Digby, in answer to some person at
table who was enquiring his age, and saying the
dean could not be fifty, replied, "No, no, I have
not yet seen fifty." "Then/* said Mr. George
Clavering, meaning to be excessively polite, and
taking up his glass, "then, Mr* Dean, here's that
you never may see fifty! "

When Lady Poole, his second wife, lay ill of
the disorder which terminated her life, all her
acquaintances left their names at her door, to
enquire after her. When she at last died, her
husband called himself at the houses of those ac-
quaintances, and left a message, viz., that " Lady
Poole was very much obliged to them for their
kind enquiries, but was very sorry she could not
return their calls, because she was dead/11

Mr. Ralph Carr, of Dunstan Hill (whose
father, by-the-bye, I believe was gardener to the
Claverings)9 recollects having seen my grandmother,
Isabella, Lady Swinburne, walking in Newcastle
with a mob after her, on account of her having

i Apropos oŁ bulls, the following specimen is both rare
and comical, and the more so since it was addressed to Bona-
parte when elected consul for life.

" Du bonheur des Frangais le gage est
Car ils auront d vie tin consul immortel."